Sunday, 1 December 2013

Did those feet.

To you people at the ALA who mock the good book.

The New Testament explained scientifically. By the reverend Norman du Sautoy-Blainkinsopp Cof E.

There are many things in the Bible which may well superficially seem wondrous, and are used by those with doubts to undermine the teachings of the Bible. However with a more educated mind one can quickly see simple coherent solutions that are perfectly reasonable explanations for some of the more exotic parts of the good book. There is no need for one to turn one’s back on rational physics, as many of these doubters claim.
There are parts of the Jesus story which may on the surface seem inconsistent with our knowledge of physics, but which  on closer examination are not only easily accounted for, but that in  themselves throw light on the whole story.
For a long time the doubters have scoffed at the story of the virgin birth, using terms like impossible, and saying that could never happen, However as science has advanced  there is now no doubting the existence of Parthenogenesis. Not only does reproduction without the need for intercourse not break the rule of physics, but we now know it is a common occurrence among some lizards. And through study of this subject, and experimentation on animals like dolly the sheep, it can now be said that we understand a good deal about this subject.
There seems to be good reason why most animals reproduce sexually, which is that in swapping DNA it seems to lessen the chances of a single infection running unchecked through the whole species. Also inbreeding can lead to genetic errors. I have also read that in many of the cloned animals like dolly the sheep they have shown significant signs of physical weakness, shortened life span and the like. So if we accept that on one hand in parthenogenesis the living thing might be bred true on the other there is an element that some minor abnormalities might be displayed.
Now let us think about what we mean by abnormality. Often we confuse disability and abnormality thinking of them as the same thing, but could we not say a child protégée gifted at say maths is abnormal. So would it not be rational to think our lord was at least gifted with some abnormalities, and if so this would this not be entirely consistent with Virgin Birth?
In direct evidence there is very little about our lord’s features, but by examining the tale closely we can draw some direct evidence and in putting these fragments together we are able to come up with simple and truthful explanations for parts of the story  which hither to, unbelievers have been known to throw scorn on.
Thus when we think about parthenogenesis and the characteristics that come with it can we find explanations about the stories of the Messiah?
Yes we can, there is an explanation for why the crucifixion, which was designed to be a method of execution that took many days took such a relatively short time in this case. We are able to say why he rode into Jerusalem on an ass, and this will show that the walking on water was far from being a fantastic fairytale was a normal reportage of the truth. Further more, at last we can in doing this talk about the specific appearance of Jesus.
Now would it surprise you all of the above could be explained by just one feature of our lords body, just one attribute our lord was gifted with. Do we not encounter the mind of god when we see that which would bring down many men, is a disability that elevates another to the very vaults of heaven. And but putting the parts together we can see this is as true of Christ himself as it is of all of Gods creation.
God endowed his son with massive feet. Once this is understood everything makes sense. Normal birth would be out of the question if the feet are so large. Jesus would find it difficult to walk long distances without a rest. Which is why he needed a long sit down in the temple as a child, and had to complete the last leg (no pun intended) of the journey to Jerusalem on a donkey. Walking and balancing on water would become a breeze with large enough feet that floated on the lake. Also the weight of massive feet when he was nailed to the cross would be very taxing and as such probably did hasten his death. Even the ascension is explained. Once the body is laid to rest on his back  his massive feet would be the highest points on the body, consequently as the body starts to decompose the gasses produced would tend to  levitate to the highest points and once the feet were inflated sufficiently this would naturally lift the body skyward, also the  rapid inflation of  the feet in an enclosed tomb creating a massive air pressure would obviously explain why the seal on the tomb would be broken, and  the stone  then naturally pushed from the door. Thus the ascension is not some made up story, but the very working of Physics!

Who could Doubt that!

You see people of the ALA you now have not a leg to stand on.

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